N-acetylneuraminic acid/SA(Food Application)

N-acetylneuraminic acid/SA


N-acetylneuraminic acid is also known as “edible bird nest acid” or “sialic acid” (SA). It is a key component in Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO) contained in breast milk, and is a characteristic functional ingredient of the traditional high-end tonic edible bird's nest. Sialic acid can effectively promote the development and functional repair of nerve cells, epithelial cells and immune cells, which can get the effect of improving immunity, promoting intellectual development, nourishing skin and anti-aging.  As a new functional nutrient, sialic acid is highly sought after by manufacturers of infant formula food, healthcare food, high nutritional food and cosmetics.

   As the holding subsidiary of CABIO, Wuhan Zhongke Optics Vally Green Biotechnology Co., Ltd(CASOV) researches and produces the sialic acid through the fermentation technology of Chinese Academy of Science, which is a safe, high-quality novel food raw material. With its stable process and high purity, CASOV’s sialic acid becomes a popular food material with promising application prospect and tremendous market value. CASOV’s sialic acid will further promote the distribution of infant formula to be closer to the “Breast Milk Golden Standard”.


    Purity of CABIO/ CASOV’s sialic acid: ≥98% (HPLC).